Phil Stallard Exhibitions


Soho Galleries, Waterloo, Sydney.

Exhibited July 1-31, 2018. Afternoon Opening Saturday, July 21, 2-4pm

“My latest abstractions are about places. I start with a memory (often of the Hawkesbury River – a place I explored as a child) and the painting evolves. I paint colour fields that are inhabited with spontaneous gestures, these marks are highly personal but I also appropriate visual ideas gleaned from the graffitied walls of the inner city and construction sites of the suburbs.”

“I am also drawn to the emotive qualities of Sydney’s waterways – but there is always the hum of the city in the background. The paintings connect me psychologically to nature, the emotions and dialogue are intuitive and convey a sense of belonging.”


Philip Stallard’s abstractions have spanned the past 15 years; his latest work combines spontaneous action painting with landscape. In this series Philip has loosened up and is exploring the interplay between abstraction, landscape and urban graffiti.

The work has a colouristic rigour and excitement that engages the viewer on many levels, there are Sydney urban landscape references and he is just as comfortable with a spray can, chisel or a brush when making marks.

Philip has had successful solo exhibitions yearly over the past 20 years in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane; he has also exhibited internationally and has completed many commissions.


Ladder Art Space, Kew, Victoria.

Exhibited June 1-29, 2018.

Afternoon Saturday, June 16, 6.30-8.30pm

Phil Stallard Artist

Ladder Art Space is a place of growth and vitality, where the significance and importance of art is brought to life.  With a simple and reflective philosophy that art is important to the quality of life, Ladder Art Space is an active and living destination, providing platforms where we can all move up together.

“I’m very excited to being part of Ladder Art Space’s gallery launch exhibition” – Phil Stallard


Cook Hill Galleries, Newcastle.

Exhibited April 6-24, 2018.

Limited works still available online.

“In this series I have returned to painting mostly in oils. The paintings completed over the past year return often to the theme of water, with oils I have immersed myself in the lusciousness of oil paint.”
“I keep overpainting until I get something with emotional energy, oils offer that intensity of pigment and energy that I’m trying to convey.”

“The paintings evoke old memories of the Hawkesbury River – I’ve also mixed it up with recent meditations on a stretch of water under the Gladesville bridge. There are also abstract references to Newcastle which is my second home, somehow the horizon off Redhead and Dudley come into the picture.”
“These paintings are essentially simple landscape paintings that are driven by emotion, I’m openly acknowledging my teenage influences, I’m saying hello to 60’s Hockney and Lloyd Rees. I’m back in the water again, swimming in the waterline”